Efficiency, safety and reliability


The Trekker F and M Series are Specialised Crawler Tractors offering enhanced features in terms of performance, ergonomics, functionality and design. Designed to deliver constant grip and superior traction on sloping terrain, the Trekker 4 allows working in steep vineyards and orchards with maximum efficiency and in complete safety.

Trekker F – Ideal for use in limited spaces like vineyards and orchards

Trekker M – Ideal to work on sloping orchards and open fields in complete safety



Deutz Stage 3B Tier 4 Interim Engine




Synchro Shuttle


Driving Position

The most important innovation concerns the platform, which is completely suspended from the wagon and engine compartment. This solution provides total insulation from heat and vibrations, with a clear improvement in comfort, front and side visability and ergonomics have been improved, thanks to the optimised drivers seat and the completely redesigned side control console.

The 16+8 Speed Transmission

The 16+8 Speed Transmission operates through a Synchro Reverse Shuttle (a plus compared to the competition) and can be configured with overdrive, to increase the top speed up to 15km/h, or alternatively with the Creeper, which allows a minimum speed of 300 metres per hour.



The Trekker 4 has a dual pump hydraulic circuit

The Trekker 4 has a dual pump hydraulic circuit, with a 28.5 L/min pump for steering and a 42 L/min pump for managing hitches and spool valves. 3 hydraulic rear spool valves cab be added to the basic equipment, but two more can be added as an option for a total of 5, with optional 6 front quick couplers and flow regulator. The rear hitch, further enhanced with respect to the previous version and enriched with the optional ELS, has a maximum load capacity of 3,150kg in the standard configuration and 4,500kg when equipped with 2 additional hydraulic cylinders.