The Top Range in Specialist Tractors

Easy manoeuvring and versatility


Deutz T4i TCD 4 Cylinder Engine





16+16 Transmission with Creeper

The front axle, produced at the Argo Tractors plant facilities, features a standard limited slip differential lock with electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive. Furthermore, it guarantees high efficiency when using front coupling equipment, which can be directly installed on the support element or, as an option, be moved using the front coupling lifting device fully built-in with the chassis and the front PTO. The extensive axle oscillation, combined with the 55-degree steering angle, makes the models exceptionally easy to handle. The availability of a chassis custom designed for mid-mounted applications further enhances the versatility of the REX4 range.

Suspended Cab

The REX4 versions are characterised by excellent field traction and perfect comfort on the road, something that is achieved thanks to the configuration with suspended cab and front axle (the latter also available on the platform version). Ease of driving is further enhanced by the ADS (Advanced Driving System) system, which can be combined with hands-free and telemetry systems.



Deutz Engine

The NEW generation Deutz Engine features 4 Cylinders and 16 Valves, 2.9 Litre, Common Rail Electronic Injection Turbo Intercooler, which guarantee a boost in performance in terms of torque reserve, increased power and lower fuel consumption. As seen on the previous models, the Engine Memo switch, which stores and swiftly recalls the most suitable engine speed is also fitted on these versions to accelerate one’s work. The Engines comply with Stage V emission legislation thanks to the innovative system consisting of a passive regeneration diesel particulate filter DPF, a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC and the SCR EAT-system.

Innovative Hydraulic System for Maximum Flexibility

The Rex 4 comes with a variety of hydraulic options and configurations to offer farmers tailored solutions for their applications. The hydraulic system of the Rex 4 range comes standard with a double pump that supplies 50 L/min to the rear hitch and remotes and 28 L/min to the steering system. Optionally, it can be equipped with a triple pump that provides a flow rate of 44+41+28 L/min to operate, respectively, the rear hitch and remotes, the front remotes and the steering system. The tractor can be equipped with up to seven remote valves, four at the rear and three at the front. Available options include three electrohydraulic front remotes, a flow selector to control multiple outlets with a single control and a flow divider to regulate the flow rate to the remotes. The F, S and V models can be equipped with rear hydraulic stabilisers which control opening and closing of the lower links via two simple push-buttons. This function can be useful when attaching implements or when hitch adjustment during inter-row operation is required.