Handling, versatility and ease of use

The Rex 3-080GE part of the range of Specialised tractors for vineyards and orchards now powered by Stage V. It features innovative technological solutions and a hood with a new look, a restyling that made the Specialised Landini a candidate for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “Best of Specialised” category. The winning features of the new Rex 3-080GE is its compact dimensions making it the ideal range for use in vineyards/orchards, greenhouses and for vegetables.





Kohler 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve, 2.5 Litre Engine






12+12 Synchro Shuttle Transmission – 40 km/h


The Rex 3-080GE was designed to be easy to handle and use. But what makes it truly stand out is it’s versatility. In fact, it can be used for a wide array of operations with all kinds of accessories, even front-mounted, thanks to the possibility of equipping the machine with a front lift with a maximum capacity of 1,000 kg. The geometry of the under cab frame is specifically designed for ventral installation.

Orchards: The REX 3-080GE was created for Specialised crops starting from Orchards, where it moves with agility among the rows.
Vineyards: The Rex 3-080GE is suited for all operations in traditional Vineyards, and the Low-Profile cab version can even be used in Vineyards with pergola and trellis systems.
Vegetables: Handling is one of the main features of the Rex 3-080GE, adapting to all Specialised crops where manoeuvrability is limited. At the same time, the Low-Profile cab version can also be used in greenhouses.
Farms: The Rex 3-080GE is an extremely reliable and versatile tractor that is also suited for everyday farm applications.

Available in a Platform version and also with Low-profile Cab

One of the advantages of the Rex 3-080GE is the possibility of installing a Low-Profile cab that has a monocoque structure, 1.16 m wide at the base that drops to 0.86 m at the roof, with an overall height from the ground of at least 1.87 m. Best in Class in the category of conventional tractors, this version of the cab guarantees maximum respect for foliage in crops with a low crown, while maintaining a high level of comfort for the operator. This last factor becomes evident when looking at the wide door opening for easier accessibility to the cab, the tilting steering wheel, the multi-function dashboard, the absence of levers on the central tunnel, the air conditioning circuit and the optional rear camera. Finally, the Low-Profile cab offers maximum visibility in all directions, even for lateral operations, working on slopes and in the greenhouse, maximising the possibilities of use.


Kohler Engine

The Rex 3-080GE has a new 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve, 2.5 Litre Kohler Engine with 75Hp. Maintaining the considerable compactness of Kohler systems, the new engines are equipped with DOC systems without regeneration, therefore without affecting the productivity and efficiency of the machine in any way. Engine RPM Management is provided by the Engine Memo Switch that allows you to store and quickly recall settings when passing from one activity to another. Full operational autonomy throughout the day is ensured by the 50 Litre Diesel tank.