Powerfarm II Series – Modern & Efficient

Richer in features and with a more European design



Perkins 1104D 4.4L Turbo Aftercooled Engine




Mechanical with Synchro Shuttle & Power Shuttle

“Total View” Cab for all-round Visibility

The cab features a European style, is completely renewed with particular attention given to the total space, to the ergonomics of the driver’s seat, to the controls and to the total visibility provided by the 4 pillars structure.


Tier 3 Perkins 1104D Series Engines, more power with better Fuel Economy

The Tier3 Perkins 1104D 4.4 L turbo aftercooled engine is unchanged from the previous series, with power ranging from 93 to 110 hp for the three models 100, 110 and 120.



Various configurations of Transmissions

Th strong point of the Series is the Transmission, available in the basic 12+12 speed version (at 40km/h) or 16+16 (with Creeper) in Synchro shuttle and 12+12 Power shuttle (oil cooled clutch). Also available as an option are versions with a three powershift combined hydraulic reverse shuttle (H-M-L) that triple the gears of the basic transmission providing a total of 36 forward and 12 reverse gears and 48+16 with HML and Creeper.