NEW Landini DT5-090D 4WD Cab High Clearance Tractor

NEW Landini DT5-090D 4WD Cab High Clearance Tractor


The Powerfarm tractors are powered by a new range of advanced, environment friendly engines that provide low emission levels in accordance with the Tier 3 standards. Specially designed for farming applications, the new Perkins 1104D series engines are modern engines that provide state of the art technology and solutions. The forward tilting hood provides easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.


  • Perkins Engine (FC) 1104D-44 T3 4 Cyl. turbo – 82.3 HP (ISO) / 61 kW
  • Tropical radiator
  • 12″ clutch
  • Fuel filter with water separator


  • 24+12 gearbox creeper and shuttle – 30kph
  • Rear electro-hydraulic heavy duty differential lock
  • Synchro forward-reverse shuttle
  • 4WD – Mechanical front axle
  • Mechanical 4WD engagement

Hydraulics & Linkage

  • 3 Point Linkage, Cat. 2 fixed ball ends and mechanical top link
  • Mechanical lift control
  • 4 spool valves S/D acting (2 standard + 1 float + 1 kickout) + joystick
  • 2 Hydraulic additional lift rams
  • 540/750 rpm (mechanical)

Operator Area

  • Comfort cabin
  • Adjustable tiltable steering column
  • Cloth Std seat with mechanical suspension, with safety belt and OPS
  • Rear window wiper
  • Vertical side exhaust


  • 9.5R48 Front
  • 9.5R48 Rear

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