Reliability and simplicity are the keywords

F Model (Narrow Orchard) – Ideal for work in small sized Orchards



Perkins 1104D-4 T3 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine





40+40 Transmission with RPS, Powershift and Creeper – 40kph

Total View Cab for unequalled All-round Visibility

With it’s rear hinged, fully glazed side doors, the Total View cab offers the operator unequalled all-round visibility. The cab features a modern and stylish interior with automotive grade fit and finish. All controls are ergonomically placed for convenient operation, while the air suspended seat and the height adjustable steering wheel further enhance the operator comfort. The cab is pressurised to keep a clean, dust free environment and features an efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system which integrates an air filter that cleans the air inside the cab providing the operator with a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment. Natural ventilation is ensured by the opening front and rear windscreens.


Perkins 1104D Tier 3 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine

The Rex 120F tractor is powered by the Perkins 1104D 4 Cylinder Engine. Specially designed for farming applications, these modern, eco-friendly Engines incorporate advanced features and technologies and meet the Tier 3 emission regulations. Featuring an advanced fuel injection system that optimises air fuel mixture and enhances combustion efficiency, these Engines combine high levels of power and torque and low running costs. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.


Electronic Power Lift

With the main controls located in an extremely ergonomic and intuitive position and the main settings conveniently integrated into the right-hand console, the rear power lift allows the operator to use the implements with maximum ease and comfort. In addition, the power lift sensitivity can be easily adjusted to improve the working accuracy. The lift controls are located on the rear fenders making it easier to attach implements from the ground.

Powerfive Transmission with De-Clutch feature and Power Shuttle

The Rex 120F offers a Speed Five transmission (5 gears providing 15Fwd+15Rev speeds) featuring a mechanical gearbox with a Synchro Shuttle.

Dashboard with Digital Instruments and On-board Computer

The stylish dashboard features intuitive, easy to read digital instruments and constantly provides the operator with precise and immediate indications about the performance of the tractor and implements. The dashboard is further equipped with an on-board computer that monitors the progress of farming operations.